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Lot #: 1 ID: 135056 DOB: 8/24/2013
Herd: RISS Colour: Black p_h_s: Polled

RISSINGTON COMPLETE 135056                      Herdbook No. 145720135056

May 2016 Angus Australasian Breedplan EBVs
Breed Av.

Selection Indexes
IndexSRI$SRI$ Breed RankAPI$API$ Breed RankLeachman $Profit®Leachman $Profit® Rank
Value$155Top 5%$174Top 5%$13,856Top 1%
Breed Av.$9850%$11550%$5,80250%

Dr J Analyst M250
Leachman Resolution G228U
L A Gammer Pride LG291
GAR-EGL Protégé
Ellerton 110021
Ellerton 090931

Complete in every which way you look. This sire rose to the top of his age group and saw use both via AI & natural service as a yearling. That same year he was entered in the BLG Progeny Test where his first calves are performing with the best of them with the interim weaning results in. We used him over a group of our lactating 2yr olds this season and then he went to Hunterville to do another cycle on a commercial farm. Complete's pedigree is stacked full of cattle that excel in all environments so its no surprise to see him rank in top 1% on Leachman $Profit which includes feed efficiency.

Start Date 05/11/2016 15:00
End Date 05/12/2016 19:09
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Auction Closed on : 05/12/2016