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Lot #: 10 ID: 140244 DOB: 8/24/2014
Herd: RISS Colour: RWF p_h_s: Polled

RISSINGTON AC244                      Herdbook No. 0049AC0244

April 2016 Simmental Australasian Breedplan EBVs
TraitBW200400600MILKCWEMAIMF%DocilityTI$TI$ Breed RankMI$MI$ Breed Rank
EBV-0.132657310453.51.325$595%$116Top 5%
Breed Av.0.91832418222.40.35$3850%$6750%

Puketawa New Level AN151
Rissington New Standard AU158
Rissington AN398
Hooks/KS Sequoia 35S
Rissington AX19
Rissington BU225

AC244 is another outstanding son of Rissington New Standard who we used in the spring and also was selected and used in the second cohort for the BLG progeny test. His data is phenomenal in a polled, docile package. His sire is already a stand out in the preliminary BLG cohort 1 weaning data showing a 10kg weaning advantage in his progeny in a commercial environment. The fastest way to access this sire is through one of these two sons. His Hooks Sequoia is mother is a proven performer in our herd who does the job year in year out.

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