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Lot #: 2 ID: 135208 DOB: 8/25/2013
Herd: RISS Colour: Black p_h_s: Polled

RISSINGTON BARTEL 135208 (ET)                      Herdbook No. 145720135208

May 2016 Angus Australasian Breedplan EBVs
Breed Av.

Selection Indexes
IndexSRI$SRI$ Breed RankAPI$API$ Breed RankLeachman $Profit®Leachman $Profit® Rank
Value$144Top 5%$170Top 5%$14,360Top 1%
Breed Av.$9850%$11550%$5,80250%

Te Mania Bartel B219
Ayrvale Bartel E7
Eaglehawk Jedda B32
Bon View New Design 878
Ellerton 041479
Ellerton 021436

Bartel is the top son of one of Australia's best balanced sires in decades Ayrvale Bartel E7. He was produced from our customised ET program utilising sexed semen technology and IVP. His dam is great old 14 year old Bon View New Design 878 daughter who has consistently performed over a long period of time. Like Complete he saw heavy use as a yearling both naturally and via AI and was also included in the BLG progeny test where his progeny are performing very well. Used again naturally this last spring over a group of lactating 2yr olds means we will have plenty of progeny and allows us to sell this sire still in his working prime. Suitable for Yearling Heifers.

Start Date 05/11/2016 15:00
End Date 05/12/2016 19:09
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