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Lot #: 3 ID: 140179 DOB: 8/13/2014
Herd: RISS Colour: Black p_h_s: Polled

RISSINGTON 140179                      Herdbook No. 145720140179

May 2016 Angus Australasian Breedplan EBVs
Breed Av.

Selection Indexes
IndexSRI$SRI$ Breed RankAPI$API$ Breed RankLeachman $Profit®Leachman $Profit® Rank
Value$165Top 1%$170Top 5%$10,848Top 8%
Breed Av.$9850%$11550%$5,80250%

Connealy Product 568
Connealy Final Product
Ebonista of Conanga 471
G A R Predestined
Ellerton 100393
Ellerton 070976

This is an oustanding son of of Connealy Final Product who is a high accuracy sire that is a proven Sire Alliance(progeny tested) leader for performance, feed efficiency and maternal value. His dam is beautiful moderate Predestined/Intergrity daughter that is building a formidable record already. Take a look at his carcass numbers as they are very hard to match. No surprise when scanned 87 EMA & 5.8 IMF! He was used in natural service this last spring.

Start Date 05/11/2016 15:00
End Date 05/12/2016 19:09
Expires in: Expired

Auction Closed on : 05/12/2016