Early Bidder Discount will apply to each purchased lot where initial qualifying bid was placed Thursday.

The Auction is Now Closed. Thank you to all who participated.

Special Thanks to the many bidders and buyers. 30 Lots Sold averaged $5083.


Thurs, Oct 13 8 AM NZ Time - Fri, Oct 14 12 PM NZ Time with Extended Bidding to follow.


Welcome to the 2016 Rissington Yearling Bull Sale.

Twenty four years ago when we held our first Yearling Bull Sale we made the decision to offer the best of the new genetics to share with our customers.

‘BEST` is a loose word that is interpreted in many different ways by cattle breeders.

Our definition of best, is now the $Profit® EPD.

One simple proven number that gives each trait a weight according to its impact on profit.

This takes into account fertility, growth, feed intake and carcass merit.

At long last we have what we consider another game changer for the industry similar to the likes of understanding the impact of crossbreeding through the last part of last century.

We have had within herd or breed indexes for some years now. However, to be part of a huge Global Alliance (seven hundred and forty thousand recorded animals) of people and groups all dedicated to objective measurement based on profitability - a dream come true.

The most important part for us was to witness the validation of our program in many diverse environments around the world across many purebreds and composite cattle.

In short $Profit® works, is updated weekly with all new phenotypic and genomic data submitted and is exclusively available at Rissington in NZ.

We can’t wait to share with you this huge leap forward in simplifying your selection choices for your next generation of young sires.

Daniel Absolom


  • Please feel free to call either Daniel or John to discuss your bull requirements or to arrange a visit.
  • All buyers will need to register unless you registered with us at our May 2016 sale. We encourage you to do this as early as possible in advance of the sale opening. When registering remember your username and password, upon approval you will be issued a bidder number. If you need help registering ring Daniel and he will assist.

  • Take advantage of Early Bidder Discount on Thursday 13th Oct and read Auction Tips or ask about Proxy Bidding as many clients find this a great way to do their bidding.

  • This is an online auction. You can bid online or you can call Daniel or John to place bids on your behalf.

  • Livestock agents registering on client's behalf receive 6% rebate.

  • Sale lots will have various opening bids.

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