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Lot #: 2 ID: 150007 DOB: 8/22/2015
Herd: RISS Colour: Red p_h_s: Polled

Rissington AD7                     Herdbook No. 0049AD0007

October 2016 Simmental Australasian Breedplan EBVs
TraitBW200400600MILKCWEMAIMF%DocTI$TI$ Breed RankMI$MI$ Breed RankLeachman $Profit® (terminal)
Breed Av.0.91831408212.30.36$37$67

Puketawa New Level AN151
Rissington New Standard AU158
Rissington AN398
Hooks/KS Sequoia 35S
Rissington AX19
Rissington BU225

Lot 2 combines New Standard with Hooks Sequoia. Hes expresses a ton of muscle like his sire, is polled and quiet as a teddy bear.

Start Date 10/12/2016 14:00
End Date 10/13/2016 18:22
Expires in: Expired

Auction Closed on : 10/13/2016