Early Bidder Discount will apply to each purchased lot where initial qualifying bid was placed Tuesday.

The Auction is Now Closed. Thank you to all who participated.

Special Thanks to the many bidders and buyers. 29 Lots Sold averaged $6267.


Tues, Oct 10 8 AM NZ Time - Wed, Oct 11 1 PM NZ Time with Extended Bidding to follow.


Welcome to our 25th Yearling Bull sale.

The 2017 Yearling Bull Sale will give people the first chance to sample some of the most exciting genetics Rissington has ever produced.  Strong words but when you study their background you will understand why.  This year's October sale will only have Angus though there will be a number of Profit Maker [New name for our Composite] and Simmental on display all accounted for in our 'breeding to order' customised programme.  Talk to us to see if this partnering programme suits you.

$PROFIT is the best and most proven index available to the Beef Industry.  We use $PROFIT for all our breeding decisions.  We cannot afford to use a breed or sire that has low $Profit in our continuous quest for outlier bulls and cows to bring in from the industry, we convert their data into $Profit before we decide to buy or use a bull or female.  We use $Profit to select our replacement heifers and to help others to make cow culling decisions.  You too can use $Profit to share in our genetic progress.

For generations now we have been measuring up to 20 EBV traits on each animal and trying to figure out which bull will help us the most.  $Profit does that for us.  We can now also analyse commercial bull batteries enabling us to help farmers speed up their progress forward by highlighting which bulls will be worth retaining for the future or best to be replaced before they drag their herd $Profit down.  The same process can be used for replacement heifer selection.  Family owned and operated with a passion for producing the most profitable cowherds that we and our customers can be proud of - so exciting to have these new tools that make working together more than just a bull transaction.

The 'breeding to order' customised bull breeeding and supply programme where breeders can order their bulls out of the top shelf of Rissington herd at a predetermined price and specification is proving very popular.  This programme, in combination with these new tools, is enabling us to take a longer term view of investment in our breeeding programme in consultation with a really engaged group of partners.

Following on from our very informative and enjoyable trip to the US for the Leachman Sale last March we will organise a repeat trip for anyone interested [wives and partners welcome] in 2018.  Please let us know if you are interested in joining with us for what is always a fun and informative trip to hear and see first hand what's happening in the market that continues to lead most of the trends in our industry.

Daniel Absolom


  • Please feel free to call either Daniel or John to discuss your bull requirements or to arrange a visit.
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  • Take advantage of Early Bidder Discount on Tuesday 10th Oct and read Auction Tips or ask about Proxy Bidding as many clients find this a great way to do their bidding.

  • This is an online auction. You can bid online or you can call Daniel or John to place bids on your behalf.

  • Livestock agents registering on client's behalf receive 6% rebate.

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