Early Bidder Discount will apply to each purchased lot where initial qualifying bid was placed Tuesday.

The Auction is Now Closed. Thank you to all who participated.

Special Thanks to the many bidders and buyers. 41 Lots Sold averaged $5940.


Tues, Oct 9 8 AM NZ Time - Wed, Oct 10 1 PM NZ Time with Extended Bidding to follow.


26 years ago, we had our first Yearling Bull Sale where we sold 25 bulls. This year we will be selling 200 plus bulls with two thirds being sold through our Customised Program. Talk to us to see if this partnering programme suits you. Multiplication of the top performing animals at affordable prices for our commercial customers remains our primary goal.

Our philosophy of producing cattle that improve the profitability of those that use them has not changed. We know that ultimately more profitable cattle are also more satisfying to run. They do this by being just that little bit better at a multitude of functional characteristics that cumulatively adds up to a lot. That’s why it is the people that have been around our cattle for the longest that appreciate the value the most, and it is those long time top beef producers that give those new to working with us the added confidence to talk to us.

What has changed are the tools that are available to us to advance the rate genetic gain more accurately by knowing more about our young bulls earlier than ever before. While the new technology helps us select the ‘best players’ the embryo and sexing technology has had the biggest impact on our customers giving broader access to the best genetics rather than having to compete with a stud breeder for those one or two top bulls.

We all know that producing more from less is a theme being talked about across not just agriculture but business in general. Just talking a good game isn’t going to cut it so farm environmental plans including the performance of the animals producing the high quality protein on your land will increasingly be monitored by independent sources. The good news is that more efficient animals are better for the bottom line as well as better for the environment. We are well down that path at Rissington and keen to share ideas and collaborate on how we best tackle the many challenges coming at us.

Our $Profit measurement tool is the best most proven index available to the Beef Industry for benchmarking our progress. We use $Profit for all our breeding decisions as we cannot afford to use a breed or sire that has low $Profit in continuous quest for outlier bulls and cows to bring in from the industry, we convert their data into $Profit before we decide to buy or use a bull or female. We use $Profit to select our replacement heifers and to make our culling decisions. You too can use $Profit to share in our progress.

Following on from our very informative and enjoyable trip to the US for the Leachman Sale last March we will organise a repeat trip for anyone interested [spouses & business partners welcome] in 2019. Please let us know if you are interested in joining with us for what is always a fun and informative trip to hear and see first hand what’s happening in the market that continues to lead most of the trends in our industry.

Daniel Absolom


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  • Take advantage of Early Bidder Discount on Tuesday 9th Oct and read Auction Tips or ask about Proxy Bidding as many clients find this a great way to do their bidding.

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